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I'm the design wizard, who can magically transform your projects into visual wonders.

Let's collaborate and elevate your projects?

Feeling overwhelmed?
You're in the right place.

The image depicts an abstract pattern with vivid, iridescent colors forming wavy and fluid lines that resemble light refracti


As seen as 

 The image is a promotional material for "Marketeer" featuring two black-and-white portraits of women side by side. The text
 The image is styled as a newspaper article from "Diário de Notícias." The headline in a large Gothic typeface reads, "Ana Fa
 The image is a logo for the "A'Design Award & Competition 2022." It features a stylized, symmetrical laurel wreath made up o

How can I help you?

I’m here to make to life unforgettable moments tailored just for you. Let's weave your vision into every detail, from vibrant visuals to cohesive branding, making your event truly special.


Brand Event Design

Let’s create unforgettable visual narratives and immersive multimedia experiences, I guide projects with my passion and experience on event design, videomapping and digital experiences.


Art Direction

Hey! I love to colaborate with entrepreneurs, startups, and fellow creatives to elevate new or established brands. Let’s explore visual identities through collaboration and creative ideas.


Design Collab

This is especially for new design students or those stepping into the design market for the first time. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders with my guidance, turning challenges into wins together!



Featured projects

About me

Hi, I’m Sofia and I am a multidisciplinary designer. 

I am passionate about creating designs that effectively communicate a brand message. I bring extensive expertise in videomapping, digital experiences, and event branding.

 The image features a black-and-white portrait of a young woman smiling gently at the camera. She rests her chin on her hand,
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